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Relax 6th grade girls
by posted 05/21/2022

Good morning team

The location of the game today was changed to the turf at Joel Barlow. 
Please make sure you arrive promptly at 10:30 full dressed and ready to warm up.

Make sure you bring plenty of water today, it's going to be hot.

I wish you all luck today, I am sorry I can't be there, but you will do great!

I will see everyone tomorrow for the game in Guilford. Reminder that you need to be there at 1:30, it takes about an hour to get there. Make sure you bring a lot of water tomorrow again.




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by posted 05/20/2022

Hey team,

Practice is still on as of right now. The forecast is showing the possibility of heavy rain in the next hour or so. We may end up having to cancel practice at some point during practice, so if parents can please stay close in the event that your daughter will need to be picked up earlier than expected. 



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Relax 6th grade girls-update
by posted 05/18/2022

Good morning team!

Practice today will be on the septic field, there is a JV game on Field D.

Thanks and see you all at 6!



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Relax 6th grade girls
by posted 05/17/2022

Good afternoon team!

Here is the schedule for this week:

Wednesday and Friday will be our normal practice schedule from 6-730 on Field D. 

Our games this week will be on Saturday 5/21 at 11:00 on Field D against New Canaan. Please arrive promptly by 10:30, dressed and ready to warm up. We will be wearing the gold side of uniform. I unfortunately will not be able to be at the game, but Coach Tim will be there!

The other game this week be on Sunday 5/22 at 2:00 against Guilford at Guilford High School on their turf field. Please arrive at 1:30, dressed and ready to warm up. 

Please reach out with any questions, and please let me know if your daughter cannot make a game.



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Relax 6th grade girls
by posted 05/10/2022

Good morning team! Looking forward to a beautiful week of weather and lacrosse!

Our schedule for this week is as follows:

We will have a home game tomorrow, Wednesday 5/11, at 6:00PM at Joel Barlow on Field D against Monroe. Please wear the black side of the jersey, come dressed and ready to warmup at 5:30. Please remember your cleats, goggles, mouth guard, water, and stick. Please message me if your daughter will not be attending. 

Friday 5/13 we will have our normal practice on Field D from 6-730. 

We will also have a game on Sunday 5/15 at the Weston High School Varsity Field (115 School Road) at 3:30pm. Please arrive at 3:00 dressed and ready to warmup. We will wear the gold side to the jersey, and remember your

goggles, cleats, mouth guard, water, and stick. Please message me if your daughter will not be attending.


Also, parents, if you can please reiterate to your daughters the importance of listening when they arrive at practice or a game and for the duration of the practice or game. It has been a struggle, and I think with the help of all the parents reminding the girls that while we are here to have fun, we are also here to learn, and I really need each girl to listen or else it won't be fun for anyone. 

Thanks and see you all tomorrow!


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Chris Sgritta 
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