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by posted 05/22/2022


Brookfield has updated our Wednesday game to 

630 PM 

Brookfield High School Turf. 


They changed it after I sent it out the first notice!



Coach Amy



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Brookfield Game Cancelled/Moved to Wed due to Heat/T-Storms
by posted 05/22/2022

Hi all, 

The Brookfield coach just notified me that she has rescheduled our game for Wed at 530 at same location. We were worried about the extreme heat today.and also Brookfield is concerned that thunderstorms are forecast for our game time. 

I hope everyone can make it Wed in Brookfield.  Please let me know if you CANNOT make the Wed game. 

Stay cool today!


Coach Amy

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Brookfield Game May Be Postponed Due to Heat
by posted 05/21/2022


Hi RELAX Players and Parents, 

First, today was awesome.  It's incredible that even though our opponents had SO many more girls with more experience--many of them older too,--and we still put up such a good fight.  Was so proud of our team! 

Re tomorrow: Brookfield may move tomorrow's game to an evening next week--I think the coach  is looking at Monday or Wednesday evening. Given the heat advisory, this would be a good idea if we could pull it off. The coach  will let me know by 10 tomorrow morning. I'll email and text you tomorrow morning as soon as I hear to make sure everyone gets the decision either way. 

Also, I told the Brookfield coach that we're looking for games next week (when we have none) and that we could host one either Tuesday or Thursday because we could use the field we're already booked on for practice.  Would be fun to get in an extra game! (This would be a game in Easton or Redding that would be in addition to the one in Brookfield that will either be tomomrrow or one night next week.) We should know about this tomorrow, too and I'll let you know. 

Finally, I'm wondering if you want to have an end-of-year party for the team.  I was going to cancel those last two practices scheduled in June because we have no more games, but we could do a party for the kids that week after the CONNY tournament if you're interested. 

I'm sorry tomorrow is up in the air, but I should have a decision by 10am. 

Again great job today! 


Coach Amy


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Game at HKMS Tomorrow -Arrive 930
by posted 05/20/2022

Hi all 

Game tomorrow against New Canaan at 10am. Please arrive at 930. Bring lots of water and suncsreen because it's supposed to be HOT. 

Let's keep up our momentum! 


As always, remember mouth guards, goggles, and wear cleats. 


See you tomorrow! 


Coach Amy

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Practice Today! Wall Ball Video!!!
by posted 05/19/2022

Hi RELAX Players and Parents! 

What a great game last night!  The ref took tons of extra time to explain things, which is so valuable!  Everyone is improving! 

There WILL be practice today at HKMS---Please arrive at 4:50--we got the email letting us know that the field is open.  Please wear your game jerseys so I can do a good scimmage at the end like we did last time.  

Also, here is a video that I may have sent around before, but I'm resending because everyone on the team can really benefit from it: the perfect wall ball practice. This one drill, that requires no extra equipment or even a partner to throw with, is so essential to lacrosse that there is a permanent, written description of it on this website.  But of course, video really brings this to life.  As we put together a defense that can hold up, we also need everyone to be able to catch in order to move the ball and build an effective offense that includes all our attack players. Improving catching skills takes a long time in lacrosse, but this one little exercise, if done regularly, is the ticket.  It's also the key to switching hands and catching on your nondominant side.   Parents, let your players know which wall is OK to use, because I always ask them to get your permission.  I mentioned this to several players last night who asked me how they should improve, but really everyone can benefit from this. 

So eager to see everyone today and share notes from the game before our big weekend!  Our defense really held the line last night but there are some fixes we can make before Sat at both ends of the field! Great job girls!!




Coach Amy

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Regular Practice Today/Special Game Tomorrow
by posted 05/17/2022


Hi RELAX Parents and Players! 

I was so proud of the team at our Saturday game -- once we had more players back and had done some intensive defense practices, everyone showed so much improvement! 

Today, we have a regular practice at the RCC from 450 - 630--What a gorgeous day for it! 

Tomorrow, we have a special game against Weston.  The Weston coach and I thought it would be a really great opportunity to have a game where we can incorporate teaching.  So we'll combine a game/coaching scrimmage where we'll play a regular game, except when the whistle blows, we'll have the chance to reposition players, etc. This is a really great experience that first year players (and even veteran players), don't have often enough.  I'm so thrilled the Weston coach is such a great partner in this. Please arrive at 645 for a 715 start.  This will be a fun game and perfect way to prepare for our coming games. 


Directions to the stadium are here. 

The surface is turf. 

Please let me know if you CANNOT attend! 

See you later! 


Coach Amy

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Game Tomorrow! - Barlow Field D - Arrive 130
by posted 05/13/2022


Hi RELAX Players and Parents 

Game tomorrow at Barlow Field D (park in the back--Field D is down the hill and beyond the tennis courts) . Please arrive at 130 for warmup for a 2pm game. 

Please let me know if you cannot make the game so I can get a headcount in advance. 

Please remember water, mouthguards, and goggles and wear cleats --we're playing on grass. 

I have a light blue ski jacket that someone left at the field at our last game....remind me tomorrow. 

Very excited to see our whole team out tomorrow for the first time!!!


Coach Amy


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Practice Friday 5pm HKMS
by posted 05/12/2022

Hi RELAX Players and Parents - 

We were able to get the HKMS field for tomorrow - Friday- from 5-630 so we can get another practice in before our Weston game on Saturday.   Hope as many as possible can attend! Please arrive as usual at 450 so we can be ready to practice at 5. 


Coach Amy

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No practice tomorrow; maybe Friday
by posted 05/11/2022

Hi RELAX Players and Parents

The girls improved in their game today--and we were so glad to have some players back! 

I'm going to cancel practice tomorrow because so many of our players have a commitment at school that we won't have enough to practice.  I'm going to try to find a field for practice on Friday, but I haven't been able to confirm that yet, so I'll let you know tomorrow. 

Good effort tonight!


Coach Amy

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Amy Wolfcale 
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