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Coach Dave will be late
by posted 04/18/2021


I will be 15-20 mins late...Dead car battery (& im at Candlewood Lake)

Can someone just have the boys warm up & take some shots on goal until I get there



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Practice 1pm today Reminder
by posted 04/18/2021

Hi All-


As a reminder we have an additional practice at 1pm-2pm today up at Joel Barlow Septic Field.


Beautiful outside.  Hope to see you there is you can make it



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Practice this weekend & updates
by posted 04/15/2021

Hi Everyone-

Great practice yesterday, all the boys had fun & the weather cooperated.  Thanks to the guys helping on the field,  We had 4 of us yesterday & it made an impact on the overall experience for the boys

Based upon parent feedback I want to add a practice this Sunday 4/18 from 1-2pm at Joel Barlow Septic field  Middle of the day but it avoids other sports conflicts (baseball & soccer)

If you dont have a RELAX practice pinney (reversable) for your son will you please order one from Macwear.  It will be helpful at practice when we scrimmage & will be our uniform for games later this season

Finally-  we are still having an issue with the website practice calendar.  I am adding Sunday but we still only have practices on Mondays & Wednesday's


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K2 Boys Practice 5pm today @ Joel Barlow Septic
by posted 04/14/2021

Good Morning All-

We are confirmed for practice again this afternoon.  5pm at Joel Barlow Septic Field (same as all previous practices).

Hope you are having a great Spring break & looking forward to seeing you later today if you can make it

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K2 Boys Practice is on Vacation week
by posted 04/10/2021

Hi Everyone-

Hope that you are enjoing the nice weather & the beginning of break.

We have enough players interested so we WILL be having practice next week on Monday 12th & Wednesday the 14th from 5pm to 6pm.  (There is an issue with the calendar system that shows we have practice on Tuesdays & Thursdays that is incorrect & I have notified the league to try to get that fixed)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend & I look forward to seeing as many as possible on Monday at 5pm




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Practice Canceled today
by posted 04/07/2021

Hi All Unfortunately we were not able to get another coach for practice today so we will have to cancel Next week-. I am available in town & would be happy to have practice a couple of times. Will you please email me if you would be interested in Monday & Wednesday practices next week 5pm If we have enough interest we will run practice next week Thanks

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