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RELAX Spring 2020 - Grades K-4


RELAX 2020

2020 Spring Lacrosse Registration for Boys & Girls in Grades K-2

Start-end date: Dates may vary depending on weather and indoor gym availability

K-4th grade  April 1st-June 15th


Practices/Games: Practice and game schedules will be sent out by coaches as soon as they are available. Practices schedules will vary depending on age groups. Most teams will meet between 2-4 times per week. We also hope to schedule some practices and games on the fields in Easton to accommodate our Easton residents.


Uniforms: Uniforms will be handed out before the first game. Unlike years past, RELAX will provide the uniform and collect it back at the end of the season.


Fees: We attempt to keep registration fees at the minimum necessary to operate the program. As we are now being charged to use the Barlow facilities, their daily use fee will be incorporated into the registration fee of the teams using those fields. The fee for the 2020 season is $225. There is a $25 discount for each family member.



(Team breakdowns will be determined based on registration numbers)

Registration Questions: Contact Cori Distler (distler.cori@gmail.com) 203-241-1526 

Need-based scholarships or divided payment plans are available.
Confidentiality maintained.  Contact:Cori Distler 203-241-1526 

Opened: 12/06/2019

In Grades: K to 4 for 2019-20 School year