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Chance of Bad Weather
by posted 06/02/2023



Lightning is in the forecast for this afternoon...please check your emails throughout the day in case we need to move practice. We are still planning on practicing 6:30-8:00pm on the turf. 

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Practice Tomorrow and CONNYs
by posted 06/01/2023



We will practice at 6:30pm on the turf tomorrow evening. It's going to be warm so please bring a bottle of water.


Sunday's CONNY schedule has not changed. The CONNY tournament is at Yale. Here is the site map... https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Images/Club/1512/Summer%20Lax%202023%20Master%20Map-updated.pdf

Just a reminder, they usually charge a few dollars for parking, so plan accordingly. 

Game 1

2:00pm vs Amity - Field 13 (Yale lacrosse turf field)

Game 2

4:10pm vs winner/loser of Westport/Madison on Field 3/4


The Coaching Staff

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Practice Schedule - Update!
by posted 05/30/2023


Apparently, we have a bunch of chorus singers on the team! Due to a mandatory chorus concert on Thursday, we will now practice on Friday. I will get back to you with a time and location, but we will meet on Friday instead of Thursday.


Coach Lanehart

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Schedule for the Week of 5/29-6/4
by posted 05/29/2023


Typically I get this email out on Monday morning but I was lucky enough to get to spend the weekend with my family (we watched a TON of lacrosse!) and was nowhere near a computer, so I apologize for the late email!

That being said, this is sadly our last week of the season. Below is our schedule for the week, as well as our CONNY schedule for Sunday 6/4. If anything changes, I will update ASAP!

Wednesday - Game @ 7:15 pm - Bethel- Benzing Middle School #1 - Please arrive early, dressed 30 minutes before game time for warm-ups.

Thursday - Practice - JRMS 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm - This will be a joint practice with RELAX 6. We will work on game scenarios/scrimmage for the majority of the time.

Sunday - CONNY Tournament- (This schedule MAY change. The official schedule has not been sent out, but I do not believe our bracket will change, but it could!)

2:00 pm vs Amity - Yale - Field  13

4:00 pm vs Westport 7/Madison 7 (not the same Westport team we played in the regular season) - Yale - Field 3 or Field 4.


Please let me know if you can not make any of the final three days. As always, thank you for the support and positive communication throughout the season!


Coach Lanehart

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Schedule - Practice Time for Wednesday (5/24)
by posted 05/23/2023



Great TEAM win last night. Everyone played and contributed, which was really awesome to see.


We will practice tomorrow evening from 7:00-8:30 pm on the turf. Barlow lacrosse is practicing 5-7pm so please do not step on the field until Coach Leahy or one of the other coaches says that it is okay. See everyone tomorrow!


Coach Lanehart

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