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Wrapping up a great season!!
by posted 06/04/2023


This was one of those great seasons I hate to see end, but what an ending our players delivered yesterday! That win against the top seed in our bracket was just wonderful, made possible by every single player who brought their very best game of the season to the field! Congratulations to you all! And don't feel too bad about Norwalk --it was a close game that went down to the wire and as their coach said to me in the handshake line, "Hey you had to give us ONE this season!" (To which I of course replied, "NOT THIS ONE! :-) But it was just wonderful to see you put the ball in the air, work as such a great unit, catch your passes, turn defense into offense, and stay in position. Most especially it was wonderful to see every player involved --this is lacrosse at its best!  And the fact our players were chatting with Norwalk players before the game was wonderful.

We have a couple of remaining items to cover before we all scatter for the summer. 

1) Evaluations for the Ambition Club will be this Tuesday---probably at six and I'm still confirming the location. Everyone is invited to try out. I thought that since this is our regular practice slot, most of you who are interested would be available at this time. I'm not endorsing the club here, but all the club teams are usually closed by  now, so I'm really glad those who want to continue to play in the summer will have the opportunity to try out. I also like the option of the practice team for those who may not want to fully commit to weekend tournaments.  I will finalize the location detail and send a confirmation, but if you are interested in trying out, please just email or text me so I can share a list with the club. Again, they ask that you complete this Tryout Registration Form on their site and I encourage you to look around the website and see what you think. 

2) I am trying to finalize a location for our year-end team party now.  I'll be in touch about this as soon as I have more information.  

3) Coach Adam and I may set up a weekly dropin practice in the summer. We haven't had the time to work out the details, but I'll keep you posted. Many of you have improved SO much that I want to find a way to keep a little lacrosse in your life, even though summer has many fabulous distractions! We also have info on how to prepare for next year--I'll share that soon as well. 


I will miss you all this summer, but we certainly closed out the season on a high note yesterday!! 


More to come on the party! 

Coach Amy


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by posted 06/02/2023

Hi all, 

Just a quick note to call your attention to: 

1- Our game v Monroe has been changed to BARLOW FIELD D (behind the tennis courts) at 5pm so please arrive by 430, wear WHITE, cleats, no jewelry. DON'T FORGET YOUR WATER!

2- We've added the CONNY tournment for tomorrow to the schedule so you can see the location at the Yale Bowl--it takes about a half hour from Easton with no traffic on the Merritt so a little longer for Redding.  Please arrive by 1230 and build in time to get parked. It's usually $10 cash to park.  Here's a LINK to the Venue information from the CONNY site. Our first game is at 1:10 so pleaese be at FIELD ONE by 1230, and our second at 3:30 on Field 2. Wear BLACK, cleats, no jewelry, and bring lots of water and sunscreen! Double check you have your mouthguard and goggles before you leave!!

3- Because tomorrow is the end of the regular season (which I admit snuck up on me), I have a bunch of information for you about possible summer programs, some info about the RELAX program for Senior Girls next year, equipment, etc.  Coach Adam and I have put together info and resources and I will try to get this out to you all tonight so we can discuss between games tomorrow if you have questions (or call me anytime really--we just have downtime between our games so it's a great time to chat.) 

One time sensitive item:   Some players have asked me about playing club lacrosse over the summer and while area clubs usually hold tryouts in midsummer for the following year, I connected with Ambition Lacrosse and they are willing to set up a tryout for our players for this summer. Please let me know if you might be interested in trying out for this season--tryouts will be next week (time and location TBD) because the program starts the following week. They also have a practice team option for half the price (ie players do all practices but don't go to the 3 tournaments) and a summer camp. They ask that you fill out the application if you are interested in doing a tryout-- complete this registration form even though it says the roster is full. Coach Adam and I can both share our experiences with summer clubs for those they are interested. For players who want to continue to develop skills after the season, they can be a good option and meeting new coaches and players can be a great experience. 


See you later this afternoon!  

Coach Amy



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by posted 06/01/2023

Hi Team

Sorry for the many emails, but the complexity of scheduling is a thing this time of year :-)

So, CONFIRMING practice at RCC tonight at 645 for ONE HOUR ONLY until 745. I know it's last minute, but it will be good to prep for the Monroe game for those who can make it! 


Thanks and see you tonight! 

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Update about poss practice tonight: RCC
by posted 06/01/2023

Hi all, 

I actually found RCC available at 645, which is much easier for lots of folks so if you could make 645 - 74 5 at RCC, please let me know.

Please let me know and thanks! 

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Are you available 6-7 tonight for practice?
by posted 06/01/2023

Hi all, 

As you know, Monroe is a very big one for us, and then we have the CONNY tournament on Saturday, so I wanted to check to see if you could attend a practice at HKMS from 6-7 tonight to prepare for the game.  Please let me know if you can make it and if we have a quorum, I'll set up a practice. 

ALSO: Please let me know if you cannot be: 1) at the Monroe game tomorrow, and/or 2) at the CONNY games on Saturday afternoon. Even if you let me know before, I would appreciate it if you could ping me again if you can't play on Friday or Sat because some folks have changed their plans and I'm trying to get the rosters straight for both days. 


Thanks so much! 

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confirming practice at 6 at HKMS
by posted 05/30/2023


Just confirming that our practice is at 6 at Helen Keller as on schedule. I had hoped to move to Barlow, but they are all taken, so we're at Keller. 

See you soon! 

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Practice tomorrow at 6
by posted 05/29/2023

Hi all, 

Trying to get a Barlow field for tomorrow, but I'll schedule practice for HKMS for now and then change if we can get one at Barlow

Hope you all had a great weekend! 

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by posted 05/27/2023

Hi all, 

Just a quick CONNY update--I'm guessing that the CONNY Tournament will be at Yale as alway but I haven't seen that online so I'll confirm that with you later....for now, I at least have date and time. 

If you cannot play in the tournament, please let me know as soon as possible! 


We are in the "Penn State" bracket

Please arrive at Field ONE by 1230 and leave time for parking.(They used to only take cash--I think it's $10 to park) 

We play 2 games: 

1:10 on Field 1


3:30 Field TBD 

Usually it's on grass, so wear cleats; wear BLACK; no jewelry. Please bring lots of water and suncreen. 

Common questions:

Is there food ? - I think there are a couple of food trucks

Is there a merch tent? Yes--and the CONNY shirts were really nice last year, but they did shut down by early afternoon, so if you want to buy swag, I would plan to get it before we play. 

Are there bathrooms? There are porta's.

Where do we meet? We usually find a spot adjacent to our first field and the team can gather there. 


More details to follow; I just got the text so wanted to at least give you date and time! 


See you later today in Norwalk! It's going to be a great rematch! 



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Practice on Barlow TURF at 6
by posted 05/26/2023

 Hi all!

Practice changed to Barlow TURF at 6!

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Practice Friday/Sunday Game Cancelled
by posted 05/23/2023

Hi all, 

Thanks to you all for letting me know your availability. We WILL have practice on Friday, and I'm going to try to schedule it for Barlow Field D again. I'll put it into the schedule as soon as I confirm where we're practicing. 

Saturday is NORWALK is confirmed! Very exciting rematch opportunity! 

The game on Sunday at Barlow has just been cancelled. It isn't showing up yet as cancelled in the CONNY schedule, but the coach cancelled it while we were at practice, so that cancellation will show up in the system soon. 

Thanks and see you Friday! 

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Weekend Games: Sat Norwalk @3/Sunday Barlow @11
by posted 05/23/2023

Hi all

Still trying to figure out whether we'll practice on Friday. Please let me know if you cannot make either of these games this weekend (but I think most of you already shared your weekend availability --thanks!!) 

On Saturday, we're confirmed for a game at Nathan Hale Middle School at 3pm in Norwalk. They haven't added it to the system yet, but it was just confirmed. This is turf, so please wear turf shoes/sneakers, BLACK, and no jewelry.  Please arrive by 230. 

On Sunday we're at Barlow Stadium at 11--Please arrive by 1030, wear turf shoes/sneakers, wear WHITE, and no jewelry! 

See you later at practice! 


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by posted 05/23/2023


Hi all

Practice today has been changed to 6pm FIELD D JOEL BARLOW HS (Just beyond tennis courts-where we played Weston) 


See you soon! 



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Amy Wolfcale 
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