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Change Team: 
Field J Today by Barlow Turf!
by posted 05/08/2021

Good morning, Team. Just confirming that you all saw our field change to Field J at Barlow High. That is the field right next to the Turf field, on the opposite side of the school. We have never played there, so just want to make sure everyone knows where we are.

If you have any questions, issues, etc. (310) 890-1392 for my mobile.

See you at 11:30. 

- Tim

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UPDATE! Game Location Changed!
by posted 05/08/2021



The RELAX 7th grade girls game vs Pomperaug will now be at Joel Barlow High School at the same time. The game will be played on Field J, behind the stadium!

Please help spread the word as this is a last minute change.


Thank you!


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Game Tomorrow in Redding 11:30am Arrival
by posted 05/07/2021

Hi Team!
Hope everyone has had a great week. 
Just a quick reminder that we have a game tomorrow at John Read Middle School in Redding vs. Pomperaug. If you could please show up before 11:30am for warm ups, it would be much appreciated. Also, we're going to be short a few players, and have no back up this weekend. Please let us know if you are unable to make it so we can do our best to plan.
If anyone is interested, the Barlow Girls Lacrosse team is playing tonight at 7pm and it's their annual PINK NIGHT, which is a fund raiser for Breast Cancer. Food will be provided (sold) by the Redding Roadhouse! Any lacrosse player from RELAX who shows up in their jersey will get a free ice cream! All ice cream and snacks can be shared with their coaches. 
Thanks everyone! See you tomorrow!

- Tim and Rob

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No Game or Practice Today
by posted 05/05/2021

Bethel, as well as Easton/Redding, have closed their fields today. There will be no game or practice tonight.

See you all tomorrow for our regularly scheduled Practice. (Barlow Turf - 7pm)



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Bethel Game Arrive at 5:30
by posted 05/04/2021

Hello Team!
Great game for our squad on Sunday! So proud of how hard everyone is playing and the team work that we're seeing. Great job girls!
Just a reminder that we are playing Bethel tomorrow evening at Bethel Rockwell School, which upon further inspection is Anna H. Rockwell Elementary School. (400 Whittlesey Dr, Bethel, CT 06801) Please arrive before 5:30 for warm ups, and we'll be sporting Black. The field should be marked: Bethel Bobcat Football Field.
Thanks in advance and we'll see you tomorrow night!

- Coaches Tim and Rob

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Please Arrive in Westport at 1:15
by posted 05/02/2021

Good morning, Team!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Just a quick note to ask everyone to arrive before 1:15 in Westport today at Staples High School, Ginny Parker. The address is: 70 North Avenue Westport, CT 06880

Looking forward to a great game!

- Coach Tim

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Practice Postponed Until Tomorrow
by posted 04/29/2021

Hi Team!
Unfortunately we've been bumped off the Turf Field tonight at Barlow due to rain and need to reschedule our practice for tomorrow. I'm hoping most of you can make it. If you could please let me know, it would be much appreciated. The practice will be 7pm - 8:30 on Field D, where we had our game last night. Probably have to cut it short a little, as there are no lights.
The game last night was a tough one, but I'm really proud of how hard our girls played. That team looked to be mostly 8th graders, and our girls fought hard, and never gave up. We've got work to do, but we're heading in the right direction.
Thanks and sorry about tonight!

- Tim

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Game 2 Tomorrow Night!
by posted 04/27/2021

Hi Team!
Congratulations to our girls for a great game on Sunday! We are very proud of everyone's effort, especially their teamwork, hustle and determination. Way to go girls!
Anyone feel like going for 2? We've got our second game tomorrow night at 6:15 on Field D at Barlow (same one, behind Tennis Courts) vs. Bethel. If you could please arrive before 5:45 to warm up, it would be much appreciated. 
As with every game, please let us know if you can't make it so we can fill in any gaps if need be. We're going to be very tight on numbers this year, so depending on our competition, we'll invite a few girls from either the 6th grade team or 8th grade team to join us. Our 7th grade girls will always have priority for playing time, but we have to make sure we have 12 girls ready to play, and ideally 3 girls to sub.
Practice will be normal place and time on Thursday, Barlow Turf (7pm-8:30) and then we have our first away game on Sunday vs. Westport at 1:45pm. We'll do a follow up note to check numbers, etc., but feel free to let us know now if there are any conflicts.
Thanks to all of you for your support and for having your girls be a part of this team. We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow night!

- Coaches Tim and Rob

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