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Game at John Reade Middle School 10am tomorrow
by posted 05/07/2021

 Hi Relax 3/4 Players and Parents!

Hope you are excited for our game tomorrow! Remember, the location has changed to John Reade Middle School, but the 10am start time is the same, so please be sure to arrive by 930, wear your game jerseys, remember googles and mouth guards and wear cleats!


I know a number of you have told me you can't make it to the game, but if you wouldn't mind shooting me a quick text or email to confirm if you CANNOT attend tomorrow's game, I would be grateful so I can get a final headcount for the roster. 


Please arrive at 930 and Mikayla  (Yay!! GOALIE!!), please remember to bring the goalie stick. 


My weather app predicts clouds, but not rain.  If my app should be wrong and the game is cancelled due to rain, I will email you all as close to 9am as possible to let you know. 


But for now we're ON!! See you tommorrow for a great grame against Ridgefield!




Coach Amy 


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Practice Today at Location Change for Saturday
by posted 05/04/2021

Hi RELAX 3/4 Players and Parents!

Just a reminder that we have practice today at the Redding Community Center as usual.  At this point, my weather app predicts only clouds, but if we should get rain, I will email you by 4pm to cancel pratice. AT this point however, we are ON for 5pm at RCC. Please wear cleats and game jersey. 


The location of our games for the NEXT TWO SATURDAYS ONLY has changed.  We're still playing at 10am, but we'll be playing at John Reade Middle School in Redding for BOTH Ridgefield games--on the 8th and also on the 15th.  


Just a reminder that we appreciate it when you arrive promptly for practice and a full 30 minutes early for games.  Where practices are concerned, we really like to jump right in and make the most of our 90 minutes, which flies by--so we're grateful when everyone is ready to warm up as close ot 5 pm as possible. 


Thanks and see you later!


Coach Amy 





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Game Reminder: Arrive at 530 Tomorrow
by posted 04/29/2021

Hi 3/4 Parents and Players!

Please arrive at 5:30 for our 6:00pm game and let me know in advance, if you haven't already, if you won't be able to make the game tomorrow. 

Please wear cleats and don't forget your mouthguard and goggles and wear GOLD. 

The weather looks good, but in the event of a weather cancellation, I'll email you just as soon as I get notification. 


Thanks and GO RELAX!


Coach Amy 

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