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How do I get information about what team I am on and the the start of the season?
Coaches will be emailing their teams and also posting information on their Team Page on the RELAX website.

What time are practices?
Practices most often start after 5:30 and run for an hour and a half during the week. Weekend practice times vary.

When will I know the practice and game schedule?
The indoor practice schedule will be posted on the RELAX website by the end of the first week in March.  The rest of the practice and game schedule will be posted by mid-March.

How will I know when a practice or game has been canceled or changed?
If something is canceled due to weather, coaches will email you by 4 PM on weekdays or 2 hours prior on weekends.  Any other schedule changes will be made on your Team Page schedule.

What if weather gets bad during a practice or game?
If there is any thunder or lightening, all coaches are required to clear the field for 30 minutes. Any subsequent thunder or lightening, the 30-min wait time starts over.  Coaches will bring players to shelter.  As there is limited shelter at many of the fields, parents are asked to come ASAP.

What equipment do I need?
Boys are required to wear....Helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, mouth guard, athletic cup, cleats
Girls are required to wear.....Mouth guard, goggles
Goalie's have additional equipment....Helmet, throat protector, chest protector, arm pads, shin guards (optional)

What if I forget to bring my mouth guard to practice?
Players are not allowed to play without a mouth guard. You would not be allowed to participate in anything involving a stick and a ball.

What is the uniform?
RELAX provides every player with their first uniform jersey and shorts. It can be worn every year.  If a player needs a new one (larger size, lost, damaged), it is purchased by the parent.

Where can I buy Lacrosse equipment?
RELAX has a limited supply of used equipment.  You can contact the RELAX Director for more information.
Most major sporting goods outlets like Dick's carry lacrosse gear.
There are also specific lacrosse equipment distributors like Lacrosse Unlimited and MacWear.
Additionally, Play it Again Sports in Brookfield has new and used lacrosse gear.

What does my registration fee go towards?
We determine the registration fee by adding up all our costs and looking at the number of participants. The fee covers uniforms, pinnies, personal and team equipment (goalie equipment, goals, nets, cones, balls etc.), medical kits, referees, coaches, field fees, field lining, field maintenance, indoor space fees,  insurance for all players and coaches, membership to U.S. Lacrosse for all players and coaches, tournament fees, league fees, and administrative fees.

What is U.S. Lacrosse?
The national governing body of men's and women's lacrosse. All players will become members of U.S. Lacrosse upon registering for RELAX. Their website is www.uslacrosse.org.

What are the rules of Boys and Girls lacrosse?
Youth Boys
Youth Girls

What's the best way to keep up to date with RELAX news?
Check the website regularly. www.re-lax.org
And communicate with your child's coach.

When does the lacrosse season begin and end?
Depending on weather and field availability, the season begins early March for Grades 3-8 and early April for Grades K-2. They both end mid-June.

Will there be a conflict if my child plays two sports in one season?
For Grades 6 and under, parents are asked to clearly communicate to the coach at the start of the season specifically what days their child will not be attending lacrosse. For 7th and 8th Graders as teams are more competitive, missing practices or games for another sport could affect playing time.

Is there any specific rule about playing time?
RELAX believes that all youth lacrosse players need ample playing time during both practices and games to develop their skills and to get the most enjoyment out of the game. A player's time on the field is not timed and not all players get equal playing time. Generally, Attendance + Effort + Attitude + Respect = Playing Time. In other words, players who attend practice, try hard and follow the Code of Conduct will receive ample playing time.  Players who do not attend every practice, do not show up on time, do not try their hardest and do not show respect for coaches, officials, opponents and teammates will not get as much playing time as their teammates who do.