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·      Make sure your parents know how to find out about weather related cancelations. You should let them know yourself (i) via e-mail, (ii) by updating the team's schedule on the website and (iii) by posting a bulletin on your team's home page, and it may also be shown on the RELAX website Home Page as a banner message if someone can get to it.

The Redding and Easton Park and Rec Departments will NOT know about Redding field cancelations plans, however Easton P&R utilizes a hotline for field closures.


·       If a game is canceled, you must notify the opposing coach and official immediately. You must reach a person, not an answering machine.  If all you get is an answering machine, call the program administrator or official assignor.  We are required to pay for officials who show up for cancelled games. 


·       If you decide to cancel a practice or game on your own for personal reasons, you must let Adam Lanehart know ASAP, so the field can be reassigned.  We have a field shortage, so we do not want space left unused while other teams are sharing spaces.


·      Everyone must park in designated school parking lots; No parking along the road, past the gated area or in fire lanes. Please notify your parents as well as the parents of the visiting team of these parking restrictions.


·      No one is permitted to drive a vehicle on any grass area at anytime.


·      No child should be left at the site without an adult waiting with them.


·      Your program’s participants and family members are only permitted in the areas requested and should not be inside any of the buildings.


·     The school athletic fields are also to be left litter free after each practice or game use. Coaches should bring bags to clean up after themselves and encourage children to pick up after themselves as well.

·      All goals must be removed well off the fields after practices and games

·      Rotation of high wear area is essential to maintaining a field. Goals should only be used in game location during the games or scrimmages.  There may be alternative crease areas created using different color paint in the corners of the field where there is little wear - these should be used during practice.



For indoor gym usage:

·      While using any gym facility, a responsible adult must be in charge each time they use the gym. If any accidents or incidents occur involving damage, spills (especially of blood) a custodian should be called and an incident report might need to be filled out. Please do not block exits per insurance regulations.

·      No food or drink in any gyms (except water). In case of spills, contact a custodian. Coaches must leave the area clean and free from bottles after each use.  When it is snowy, muddy, etc. outside, you must encourage your players to bring their sneakers to change into and out of, so that they don't track snow, water, mud into the gym area. 

·      Participants and family members are only permitted in the gym and should not be in any other part of the building. No school equipment is to be used. Vandalism has occurred in each of the schools in the last year during the time community groups have been using the building.

·     The stage at RES if off limits to children at anytime. There has been expensive damage to the piano and to the stage padding by children who innocently pick at it. We ask that you make sure you specifically mention that to your players. Please try to line them up in areas away from the gym stage to prevent this from happening.